Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

In July, the boyfriend and some good friends cobbled together monies to buy me the perfect laptop.  I’ve been focusing on research and writing this past year, and they built me the perfect tool for that.  In fact, I’m using it right now to type this blog post.  It’s extremely small, too, which makes my computer ultra-portable and lightweight.  I had a hard time finding a good laptop bag though.  Either the bags were sized for a 15″ inch laptop (mine is 12″) or they’re made specifically for an ipad (11.25″).  Screw this pre-made stuff.  I made my own.

I came up with a design/pattern for a laptop bag.  The one I made for myself is a little rough.  The cool thing about making a bag is that it just doesn’t matter what fabric you use.  I chose some cotton quilting specific fabric just because I loved the patterns.  I inserted foam wedges to project the electronics within.  It was supposed to be reversible, and everything was perfect until I couldn’t find a 12” reversible zipper.  Apparently 16” is as low as it goes!  Normally, this is the point where you set your project aside until you can get equipment you need, but I really needed a laptop bag that weekend.  I travel so much (yay conventions!), and had run into a couple of close calls, almost dropping my poor computer, so waiting wasn’t an option.

By the way, densified polyfil batting is totally where it’s at when choosing protection in your bag.  It usually comes 2” width though, and that’s much too thick.  I cut mine in half.  Since it’s made in layers, the batting naturally pulls apart.–Poly-Fil-NU-Foam-reg—12x12x2-Batting–Foam—Fiberfill_stcVVproductId49468945VVcatId554834VVviewprod.htm

The boyfriend, talented and skilled in illustration that he is, designed a whole series of bags using my pattern.   I would love to make more and perfect the build process.  Since I have a working bag though, I can’t really justify buying more materials and adding unused bags to our storage.  I hope I can find someone who is in need of one, just so I can test this out.



Later I added a zipper closure, a strap and hooks to attach the strap to the bag.

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  1. Love it! Awesome fabrics! And hey, I didn’t realize that foam stuff was layered! Will definitely have to remember that for future projects! If I need a bag one of these days, I’ll let you know! 😉